Power supply and power consumption


Energy Sector Review: The UK

The power industry of the UK is vast, involving stakeholders, supporting numerous activities, and interacting with commercial, governmental, and technological environments. It is also experiencing a transformation that has never been seen before. The old energy systems are being changed to modern...
06 september 2021   details  

Mobile power systems: the energy of the future

The issue of delivering “clean” and cost-effective electricity to each individual remains a problem even today, in the era of rapid technological growth. With over a billion people without access to electricity, local power-generation solutions are critical in providing energy everywhere, especia...
14 august 2021   details  

Cryptocurrency environmental and energy issues

Maybe digital currencies are here to stay for the foreseeable future. This is no longer an arguable topic. They are bringing tangible benefits to both businesses and customers, including faster, more reliable, and less expensive transactions with greater transparency than ever before. However, as...
08 may 2021   details  

Energy sector review: Canada

The importance of energy in the lives of Canadians cannot be overstated. It keeps their houses warm in the winter, fuels the vehicles, and provides electricity for technological devices. Businesses and the government in Canada benefit from the energy sector because it gives jobs and generates pro...
02 march 2021   details  

Underground Distribution Systems

Energy is an integral part of our lives. Power distribution influences a local infrastructure that determines the quality of the power supplied. Given the fundamental principles of electric power, the performance of the supply network is an important element in our quality of life. Growing urbani...
14 december 2020   details  

Improving the energy efficiency of the lighting system

The main measures to improve the energy efficiency of lighting are as follows: Replacement of light sources with new energy-efficient lamps while ensuring the established lighting standards; Maximum use of natural light during the day and automatic control of artificial lighting depending on the...
10 august 2020   details  

Energy saving in induction furnaces

Induction furnaces are widely used in the heavy industry of Ukraine. Therefore, the issue of rational energy management of their use is very important for energy saving in metallurgy, mining and other sectors of the economic complex of the country. The operation of induction furnaces (induction h...
04 august 2020   details  

Energy cost monitoring

How to choose an electricity meter Today, in the age of electric cars, electric charging points and other innovations, choosing the right home energy monitor is quite difficult, especially for a beginner in this matter. Not everyone knows that you first need to determine the number of phases in t...
03 august 2020   details  
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