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Burning fossil fuels for energy can considerably damage our climate. To mitigate these effects, it is necessary to find new ways to obtain energy. Today, biofuel is the best solution to this problem. Biofuels production has been steadily growing. It increased from more than 180 thousand barrels p...
22 september 2021   details  

Energy Sector Review: The UK

The power industry of the UK is vast, involving stakeholders, supporting numerous activities, and interacting with commercial, governmental, and technological environments. It is also experiencing a transformation that has never been seen before. The old energy systems are being changed to modern...
06 september 2021   details  

Modern technologies and innovations in metallurgy

Innovations motivate us to extend our views and investigate new manufacturing and technical possibilities. By combining advanced technology with experience, people can improve all existing industrial and scientific branches. Metal processing innovation is a key element in metallurgy's ability to ...
30 august 2021   details  

Plastics. Problems and possible solutions

Plastic pollution intensifies as worldwide production and consumption of plastics rise. Plastic is particularly problematic since it is non-biodegradable and hence lasts far longer than other types of trash. Plastic waste pollutes the soil, groundwater, seas, and oceans. During their combustion, ...
23 august 2021   details  

Mobile power systems: the energy of the future

The issue of delivering “clean” and cost-effective electricity to each individual remains a problem even today, in the era of rapid technological growth. With over a billion people without access to electricity, local power-generation solutions are critical in providing energy everywhere, especia...
14 august 2021   details  

Harvesting solar energy in urban spaces

In some countries, solar panel roof coverings are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is simple - using unnecessary space to house solar panels for generating electric power. Public projects of this kind make it possible to use solar energy and popularize it among people. Solar power has beco...
03 november 2020   details  

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