Solar energy


Energy sector review: Canada

The importance of energy in the lives of Canadians cannot be overstated. It keeps their houses warm in the winter, fuels the vehicles, and provides electricity for technological devices. Businesses and the government in Canada benefit from the energy sector because it gives jobs and generates pro...
02 march 2021   details  

Harvesting solar energy in urban spaces

In some countries, solar panel roof coverings are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is simple - using unnecessary space to house solar panels for generating electric power. Public projects of this kind make it possible to use solar energy and popularize it among people. Solar power has beco...
03 november 2020   details  

Electric tree

In addition to being a convenient place to relax on a hot summer day and a source of night lighting, it can also be a place of free Wi-Fi connection with the ability to recharge mobile phones, a source of chilled drinking water, a drinking bowl for animals, an artificial air sprinkler. The conce...
06 september 2020   details  

Solar energy

Wind energy, or solar energy, are natural sources that can completely cover the needs of mankind. Prospects for development in this direction are enormous. The photovoltaic device involves the conversion of solar energy into useful electricity. A solar panel is used for this purpose. The action o...
03 august 2020   details  
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